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Ant Pest Control By Pest Control Services Mansfield

All ants are social insects that live and work together in colonies with a type of class system in which each insect is assigned their own particular job depending on gender. All ant nests have a queen who remains in the colony, she is an adult ant whose only function is to reproduce and has not control over the colony.

Species Of Ant In Your Mansfield Home

In the UK the most familiar insect that we see in the UK is the species of ant called the black garden ant and although it poses no threat of danger to people, the ants can be numerous and unsightly rushing in and out of our homes and garden scurrying backward and forward to their nest. You need to identify the correct species of ant, location of the nest and the circumstances in order to carry out effective ant pest control, a common black garden ant will act and react differently to others.

When ant control is needed a popular method is to directly treat the nest because ants are social insects and will always return to the nest this method can be very effective.

Ant Control Treatment By Pest Control Services Mansfield

Get all the practical advice you need from Pest Control Services Mansfield on how to get rid of ants in your home in Mansfield as although black garden ants are not harmful to humans, unlike other ant species, there is still a risk that these insects could spread disease.

Pest Control Services Mansfield ants pest control offer solution to suit your requirements for any ant species in Mansfield.

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